KAUSEFFEKT identifies itself as a community united by a cause for individuals to forget about all the diversities separating them, to become one, and to break through all beauty, gender, color, physical and mental state standards. We fight these stereotypes, stigma, and prejudice through different forms of art. Our community includes a clothing brand called KAUSEFFEKT, music podcast station called DEAD AIR, event-making, and collaboration with different artists to spread our message to the world through their inspirational vision and art.


origin > cause and effect > noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.

statement > a community created by a cause of different individuals to become one and break through all beauty, gender, color, mental state standards by using art as a weapon.

current state > gathering all necessary tools for the first impact.

aim > unity in diversity.

tools > art .

gender > all embracing .

age > no end of .


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